DolEx is updating its digital platforms.

For DolEx, its clients are the most important thing; for this reason, they are constantly working to offer services of the highest quality.

Pursuing this goal, DolEx has decided to temporarily suspend the online money transfer service through

The temporary pause period began on October 3, 2022, and will last for a few months until the new digital platforms are ready to be relaunched.

The new platforms include both services via and a mobile app.

DolEx has an extensive network with thousands of stores throughout the United States. This network comprises its company-owned branches and independent agents. Its clients can continue to send Money Transfers with the same quality as always and the guarantee of exceptional service.

DolEx will promptly notify its clients and the market when its new digital platforms become available. customers can find a DolEx location near them by visiting their location map or calling 1-800-892-0210.

Similarly, the customer service department can answer any questions about it.

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